Texas Commercial Property Tax lawyers

The Cox Law Firm advises property owners on the best legal and regulatory strategies to maximize tax and cost savings for them and their customers.

The Firm represents property owners in litigation over the value of property, the proper application of tax exemptions, and any tax liens or delinquencies. The Firm’s clients typically include owners of office buildings, apartment complexes, retail shopping centers, undeveloped tracts, industrial parks, manufacturing and warehouse facilities, and companies with significant business personal property. The Firm actively represents clients before Tax Appraisal Districts, various taxing entities, and in District Court at the state level. The Firm also works regularly with outside consultants to deliver the highest quality representation to its clients. Over the Firm’s young history it has represented properties with an aggregate value in excess of $15 billion, and collective tax savings for our clients have exceeded $175 million.

In addition, The Cox Law Firm employs strategic tax planning to maximize client’s tax savings through statutory exemptions and economic development programs, like the Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) program. The Firm’s attorneys have advised clients on all aspects of tax exemptions and economic development programs that have resulted in millions in tax savings. Sam C. Webb has successfully saved his clients more than $50 million utilizing FTZ in Texas and Louisiana. The Firm has developed a niche expertise working with importers and exporters to maximize the Freeport, Foreign Commerce, Interstate, and Foreign Trade Zone exemptions. Through its network, the Firm can garner over 75 years of FTZ and tax experience combined.

The Firm successfully and professionally represents its clients before all levels of government. Collectively, Ray L Cox Jr. and Sam C. Webb have appeared before legislative, executive, and judicial bodies at the federal and state level. Specifically, the Firm has represented clients before the U.S. Department of Commerce Foreign Trade-Zones Board, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, the U.S International Trade Commission, and other federal bodies.

The Firm is located in Houston, Texas, and represents clients throughout the State of Texas.

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